Blossom Station involves its children in a variety of mutually beneficial enriching experiences. The purpose of these experiences is to establish a connection for each child of the relationship between “home-school-community and life-cycle events”. We have combined these enriching experiences into the following categories: Celebrations, Life Passages and Special Events, Community Outreach and Activities. Some of these experiences take place within the community while others are experienced “on-campus”. Examples of our reoccurring themes for entertaining and enriching our children and their parents are January Afternoon Tea, Valentine’s Day Breakfast, Chinese Ribbon Dancers in honor of Chinese New Year, Black History Month, Irish step dancers from the O’Shea-Chaplin Academy of Irish Dance show us how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, America’s Birthday party as well as additional events, feasts, activities and meaningful celebrations.


Blossom Station works with enrichment specialists to provide diverse programming. Our programs provide a strong emphasis on individual expression through music, creative movement, storytelling, puppetry and creative artistic workshops. These programs are available to the entire school. Enrichment specialists from the outside complement our professional staff efforts in bringing entertaining, educational and enjoyable learning experiences to each child.


Our hands-on science programs allow children to experiment cause and effect in a variety of mediums. The programs are designed to instill a sense of wonder and excitement about the scientific and natural world. Steve Lechner provides a hands-on science program for children. He uses experiments, projects, collections, literature, puppets, a little bit of imagination and a lot of humor. His science programs are designed to instill a sense of wonder and excitement about the scientific and natural world.

Exercise and Movement

A very important part of our comprehensive curriculum at Blossom Station as well as most public school systems is learning about physical fitness. We are excited to be offering a new exercise program that is called “Kid Fit”. The children participate in gross motor skills, team work, social skills and hand-eye co-ordination.


We have an assortment of “music entertainers” visit us on a routine basis. All of our concerts involve the entire Center population. In addition, music is incorporated in our exercise and movement programs.

Roxy Leeson

Roxy Leeson is an integral member of Blossom Station Child Care Center. Her role as our educational consultant allows for Blossom Station to assist the program and community with challenges presented by children and family. Roxy works with the administration on staff development, and is a leader for numerous in-service training events. For the past eight years Roxy has concentrated her efforts on establishing sound early childhood practices with Blossom Station. We look forward to working with her for many years to come!

Community Outreach

Community Outreach provides each child with an opportunity for sharing and giving to those who are in need of food, clothing and personal comfort. We believe that these types of actions provide reciprocal benefit both to the community and each child. In November we conduct our annual “Friendship Soup” program which requires that each child bring in 2 cans of soup e.g. one can is collected for distribution to shelters which protect women and children and the second can is prepared and eaten during our “Thanksgiving Feast”. In December we conduct our annual “Giving Tree” event when we collect “personal themed items” to charitable organizations that serve children and their families.